About Worldwide Conference.

CRM and our Conext Partners are celebrating our SIXTH Worldwide Conference in the summer of 2018!  It takes place at Ridgecrest Conference Center in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina from August 5-11, 2018.  For more details about the location please see the Location Page.  Use the following links for details about the Children's ProgramPricing, or read on to know why we do Worldwide Conference.

Conference Schedule at a Glance

August 5 – Arrival Day (conference begins after dinner) *

August 6-7 – Collective, Affiliated Group and Team Meetings

August 7-10 – Worldwide Conference

August 11 – Departure Day **

See the complete schedule here.
* Unfortunately we cannot accommodate arrivals prior to the start of the conference.
** If you would like to stay at Ridgecrest Conference Center for additional time, please arrange it with them directly.

Accommodation Details

Please visit the Location Page to learn more about the conference site and the Pricing page to see room details.
There are a limited number of adjoining rooms at the conference site.  We will do our best to reserve them for families with small children and babies. There is also a limited supply of pack-n-play cribs.

Why do we have a Worldwide Conference?

Attendance at Worldwide Conference is expected of all CRM staff, but for a good perspective on why you should attend, we appreciate what Sam had to say:


A note from Sam Metcalf

Every four years, we set aside time for all of us who minister together around the world to come together. A tradition that began back in 1998, this Worldwide Conference has proven to be an essential element in sustaining momentum and a sense of dynamic community.

This coming year, staff and friends from over twenty-five countries will gather for a week of worship, spiritual refreshment, shared learning, and a renewal of our common vision. As we congregate in 2018 in North Carolina, our prayer is that we will not only re-engage relationally in one another’s lives and ministries, but that we will experience an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on us as a unique, apostolic expression of the Body of Christ.

Please visit this post for information about this year's conference theme.

Until August,
Sam Metcalf

On behalf of the Conext Partners