Workshops, Prayer Signups, and more!


Hi all

More fresh, hot conference details right here! We've got workshop details, sign-ups for special ministry time with SDCT and Prime, the conference directory, and some prayer and devotional options for you to consider during the week at Ridgecrest.


First off, we've got a great set of workshops lined up for the week and we're excited to finally share them with you. On Wednesday and Thursday mornings, we'll kick off what we're calling our Learning Co-op. The Learning Co-op will feature seminars taught mostly by field staff and focused on the topic of "Prayer and Intimacy with Jesus". Thursday afternoon will feature our Equipping Workshops which will be longer and focus on areas of practical application for life and ministry. Then on Friday morning, we'll be back to the Learning Co-op with a range of topics that will give you some new tools for growth (and make for good conversations later around the lunch table!)

Check out the topics on the Workshop Schedule PDF.

Also, here's something that would help us very much with our planning. Once you've read through the list, if you could please fill out this 1 minute survey, it would help us immensely as we're allocating rooms and seating.


One of the gifts of conference is the opportunity we have to give and receive prayer, to minister and care for each other. This can happen in many different ways throughout our time together, but one of the unique offers we have this year is from our Staff Development & Care team (aka SentWell) and our Prime team. Both teams are setting aside time to be available to meet for counseling, pastoral care, and healing prayer sessions. If you'd like to schedule time with members of either team, you can do it via the following two sign-up forms.

SentWell Signup Form

Prime Signup Form


So who is coming to this conference? You can find out using our conference directory app. Visit to get all the information. Some quick details:

  • Your username is the same email address that you used to register for the conference. Just click on the "Church Member Sign In" and you'll be on your way.
  • If you came to our 2014 conference, you may already have a login/password combination. Use the "forgot password?" link if you need to recover your password.
  • There is a mobile app available as well (and the interface is better!). Find out more at
  • Concerned about security? The only people who can access the directory are the people who are IN the directory. All other access is blocked. Read more about the app security on the website.


Are you aware that dinner on Wednesday evening is not included in the conference registration fee? That's because Wednesday evening is the end of Fun Day and we'll be scattered all around that evening, some in Asheville at a pub or restaurant, some down the road at the nearest BBQ joint, some in the conference center dining hall (see the below link if you would like this to be you), and the rest at some other location of their own choosing. 

The most important thing is that you're aware of the situation. What we DON'T WANT is anyone trying to find dinner in the camp vending machines because they don't have a meal ticket.

The best way to avoid this scenario is to visit this page before this Sunday (July 22), check out the options, and sign up for your Wednesday dinner plan (and excursions if you haven't done that):

Dinner & Excursion Signup Form