Ridgecrest Conference Center
North Carolina, USA


After months of researching...

...investigating, visiting, discussing, negotiating and praying, we are very excited to announce that we landed on what we believe will be a great location for the 2018 Worldwide Conference:

Ridgecrest Conference Center, in Ridgecrest, North Carolina.


1 Ridgecrest Dr, Ridgecrest, NC 28770


Scroll for pictures!


Why did we choose this location?


One of our highest values for the Worldwide Conference is relational connection and collaboration. We made an exhaustive search for a location like the Ridgecrest Conference Center—a site that is large enough for our growing staff, fits our economic requirements but offers us the space and environment to connect, experience God, vision and dream together, and where our children can do activities together.

We think we've found a great location for this special moment in the history of CRM. We can't wait to see you all there.

Kevin Brown & Nick Greenwood

Worldwide Conference Co-Directors


Why Ridgecrest?


We are always looking to be good stewards and find a property that will meet our needs at a reasonable price.  As we searched properties in different parts of the world, many countries were eliminated simply based on the fact that cost would be prohibitive.  We were thrilled to find Ridgecrest at a very competitive price and a location that is not prohibitively expensive to travel to. 

A Property That Will Meet Our Needs

We (CRM and our Conext Partners) have now grown big enough to prevent us from using a small, off-the-beaten path property or hotel. Our goal is always to find that place that is small and intimate, but we just don't fit. So for this event, we have found a property that fosters connection without sacrificing the space we need to allow adequate meeting and recreational facilities for all of the different expressions, teams and families that make up today's CRM and Conext Partners. In fact, the meeting venues are plentiful and we can confidently say that they will meet our needs better than any venue we have used previously!


Recent Worldwide Conferences have been held in beautiful beach locations. This year is a departure from the beach aspect, but not the beauty.  We believe you will find the Blue Ridge Mountains to be quite beautiful. Just take a peek at the photos from Ridgecrest and photos Peter Schrock took during our scouting trip and please realize this, as good as Peter is behind a camera, it does not compare to being there in person.