Registration FAQs.


How much does Worldwide Conference cost?

Conference cost varies depending on your age and what room type you select.  See the Pricing page on this website for details. Please note, your conference cost does NOT include your travel.

Why should I register early?

  • There are a few different room options at different prices.  Register early to lock in your preferred room type because supply is limited.
  • There are incentives such as a chance to win a free room, free excursions, coffee, etc. for those who register first. More on that HERE.
  • Rates increase January 1, 2018.  After this date, Late Registration will continue through April 30th, 2018 at a higher price ($100 per adult more).
  • It helps us be good stewards of CRM funds.  We need to submit expected attendance to the hotel.  A poor estimate on our part could result in CRM being responsible to pay for rooms that are not used.

What forms of payment are accepted?

There are two forms of payment accepted:

  1. CRM Staff fund.
  2. Credit card. 

Staying extra days at the conference center

If you would like to stay on and enjoy the Ridgecrest Conference Center property after the conference ends, below are some important details to understand.

  • It is likely that you will have to change rooms.
  • CRM will not be involved in the billing process for these extra days.  You will pay the property directly upon check out.
  • To make reservations for additional nights please contact the conference center directly: Ridgecrest Reservations.

Conference Payment Info

When you are registering with a credit card, you have a choice of paying the full amount or a 10% deposit.  The deposit will be collected immediately and the remaining balance will be collected on May 1, 2018.  If you are paying with your staff fund, you must select to pay the full amount (not the deposit). Rest assured, only a 10% deposit will be billed to your fund at the beginning of the next month. The remaining balance due will be collected on May 4, 2018.

What happens if I do not have enough money in my CRM staff fund to pay for conference costs?

If you have a conference fund, that will be charged up to the current balance of that fund.  If that is not sufficient to cover the payment, the rest will be charged to your general staff fund.  If the funds are not available at the time of billing, your general staff fund will go into deficit. If you are dealing with a financial situation that requires personal attention, please connect with your supervisor or Collective Admin.

I thought CRM policy did not allow staff to bill expenses directly to a Conference Fund?

While it is normal procedure to transfer funds from your conference fund to your general staff fund for reimbursement purposes, an exception has been made for Worldwide Conference fees that allows CRM to simply transfer your conference fees into the CRM fund paying the conference costs. Please note that this exception applies to you and your immediate family members.  It also only applies to the conference fees (room and registration fees only).  You may not submit flight reimbursements or other Worldwide Conference related expenses from your conference fund. An internal transfer from your Conference Fund to your General Staff Fund is necessary for flights and other travel expenses.

The reason that this exception is allowed is because you are effectively only transferring money from your Conference Fund to CRM (who has already paid your conference fees).  You are not paying an outside party such as the hotel.

Changes & Cancellations

Can I cancel my conference registration?

Yes you can cancel but there are a couple of catches to be aware of:

  1. CRM Staff must clear non-attendance with their Collective Director
  2. You may be subject to cancellation fees. See the Refund Policy below.

Refund Policy

  • The Worldwide Conference DEPOSIT is NOT refundable.
  • You may cancel and receive a refund for anything above the nonrefundable deposit BEFORE May 1st, 2018.
  • Your remaining balance will be charged on May 1st, 2018, and that is NOT refundable.

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Additional Questions?

Please use the form below to notify us if you have a change or need to cancel your Worldwide Conference registration.